Guitar Repairs Calgary

I have seen it all over the years working on guitar repairs in Calgary; Broken Necks, Tuners, Wiring. Worn out Frets, Bridges and saddles. Guitars cracks, dings, de-lamination. I charge by the hour to repair everything plus parts. I will explain how many hours to repair and what parts are needed with a price range. If the guitar is not worth fixing... I will tell you! It's like a car...sometimes the body does not deserve a new engine. There is the rare time it is a family heirloom or a special meaning guitar and it just needs to be playable and not perfect. We will discuss those options before any work is done. Burlesk Custom Guitar and Repairs in Calgary offers more than guitar service...we also offer trust.

Guitar Refinishing Service

Over the years living in Calgary and travelling a little, I have admired a lot of Classic Cars I have seen on the street and at Car Shows, (my wife and I like car shows), and it is always so exciting to see the before and after pictures from primer to paint. That is how I feel whenever I refinish a guitar sometimes the most beautiful instruments were painted the worst colors, sometimes the guitar was damaged and needs a repair, sometimes the guitar just needs a little facelift to look it's best. At any of those times Burlesk Custom Guitars and Repair Shop in Calgary can refinish your guitars.

Guitar Mods

Killer guitars should so more than one thing. I love to MOD that is where it all started. Technology is always advancing from wireless systems to sound boards to amplification. As well as modern technology, I have been researching old technology. Understanding the difference is vital in any restoration or custom vintage guitar. Electronics and sound is something I am constantly studying. As sound technology advances, so does Burlesk Custom Guitars and Repair Shop in Calgary.

Custom Guitars

Everyone that plays a guitar has a dream guitar. Burlesk believes every guitar musician should have their perfect guitar. It should fit, feel and play the way you like it the best. Your way...just like your music. We can style your guitar to your favorite player, from the best body shape and species, the right size neck and frets, with the best pickups, the best electronics in your favorite color...maybe with a custom air brush graphic? With the cost of "custom shop" guitars making it impossible for most musicians to have a custom is impossible. Burlesk Custom Guitar and Repair Shop will make it possible for you.