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Burlesk Guitars in Calgary is committed to bringing the very best quality, outstanding guitar services, and personal touches to every musician I have the privilege to work with. This company is all about playing guitars or any stringed instruments for that matter. Music is my craft, passion and other than my family, is my life. I have worked in both, the Trades, (Cabinet Manufacturing and Door Manufacturing) and the Technical Industries, (Dental and Oil and Gas). l was raised in a home where both of my parents were Cinema, Television, Stage and Musical professionals, (my father was a producer, director and instructor, my mother a professional actress, singer and dancer). Starting at a young age I showed interest in not only playing guitar, but modifying every guitar I bought. That is when the whole thing started. I played in many garage bands, and did the Calgary pub gig thing. It was always about tone for me, getting the right guitar, to match the right sound, with the right amplification. This was the start of Burlesk Custom Guitars in Calgary...

Service and Set Ups, even the best pilots cannot rebuild an engine. I play the guitar and some say I am pretty damn good at it, but what I am amazing at is craftsmanship and sound. I understand when an instrument is not working to its full capabilities, whether that is a bowed neck, poor wiring, worn frets or tuners, I work with a lot of pros in Calgary's Music Industry, pros who have had their guitars set up by literally hundreds of people. I always get the most positive feedback on how I set up guitars. It is like any fine working machine. Burlesk Custom Guitars and Repair Shop in Calgary knows it's all in the maintenance! Restoration work is an ongoing need in the Calgary, as more and more Calgary guitar collectors have horror stories about people tearing their guitars apart, furthering damaging them, and not fixing the original problem. I hear this type of story more than any other. My process does not involve any work being done, until after a consultation, explaining my process and any potential outcomes. You will completely understand what is possible and what is not. I have restored many, many mistreated instruments over the years to their original beauty, (although sometimes we leave a few scars for character!)

Modifications and Custom Build is where the real creative juices start flowing. Everyone that plays a guitar has a dream guitar. It is my dream to make your dreams come true, whether you want a dedication style guitar to your favorite player, from the best body shape and species, the best pickups, the best electronics in your favorite color, maybe with a custom air brush graphic? Burlesk Custom Guitars in Calgary can make it all happen for you. Price and Value is important to me, so I would assume it is to most other people out there. I am not a Rock Star or a Professional Athlete getting paid millions to do what I love, but I am like them in the respect I get to do what I love for a living. I know what the incredible prices are to get a guitar from a mainstream "custom shop". I think every player should have their own custom guitar. I charge fairly for my scratch build guitars. I guarantee my products and I will explain every area of budget during our initial consultation. You can spend your budget in the areas most important to you, unlike other "custom shops" that make you select within their offered brands of parts. With Burlesk Custom Guitars in Calgary you can use any parts by any manufacturers you like, it is only limited by your imagination.